An amazingly FUN work from home money hobby or part-time career opportunity to make money with your speaking VOICE…

"Famous Voice Over artist finally reveals her embarrassingly easy short-cut secrets that can take anyone who enjoys talking from raw rookie to broadcast ready voice talent as fast as humanly possible!"

When this famous teacher talks, people pay attention-and she's staking her industry-wide reputation on the fact that she can take someone with NO previous skills, NO radio or acting experience, and NO clue how to even plug in a microphone…and have you ready to record professional sounding voice overs …in just a few focused hours! Don't believe it? Fine…check it out for yourself for FREE if you choose (and get $588 worth of FREE Bonuses to boot)….

Dear Friend,

How would you enjoy sitting at home getting paid good money to talk?

Skeptical? I don't blame you. But every day, people just like you are sitting comfortably at home, turning on their computers and making $150-$300-$3,000+ reading scripts for commercials, training videos, phone systems, audio books, even video games and cartoons.

This is the world of professional voice overs and if you're thinking celebrities get all the work, you're wrong. (It just seems as if they do because we recognize their voices ).

Truth is, the vast majority of voice overs are done by men and women all across the country whose names you wouldn't recognize. They do voice overs as a fun, flexible way to supplement their income, exercise their creativity and enjoy an active retirement.

Of course, you don't HAVE to retire before you can start launching your voice over career. But it's the perfect part time money hobby or work-from-home career for anyone transitioning out of a full time job.

Imagine! That could be your voice on your car's GPS, your voice on the voice prompts you hear when you call the bank, your voice on the audio book your spouse loves to listen to, your voice on the pre-recorded museum guide you enjoy.

Your narration skills could be appreciated on computer assisted educational "E- learning" programs," on patient education videos, technical training courses and more. Imagine being somewhere with your friends, suddenly everyone hears your voice over the airwaves..."Instant celebrity." What a euphoric rush!

The opportunities in 14 niche voice over markets are practically endless-- and the great thing about it is, because you're not on camera, you'll never have to worry about hair, makeup or wardrobe. Voice over is open to anyone of any age, shape or size. Heck, you can even go to work in sweats or pajamas if you like.

And because today's recording equipment is inexpensive and portable, you can record on your computer from anywhere in the world --even if its your own basement or spare closet! (The acoustics are great in your closet by the way). All you need is an internet connection and you're practically good to go.

Here's what this is all about:
I'm Susan Berkley. My voice has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services on TV and radio commercials. You know me as "the voice" of "AT&T" and the telephone voice of Citibank. My book, "Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice" has helped tens of thousands of people perfect their voices.

Awhile back, I was a cast member on the Howard Stern Show, a behind-the-scenes expert voice coach on Donald Trump's Apprentice -- and, it doesn't stop there. I have been a frequent media guest and you've seen and read about me on ABC News, CNBC, 'To Tell The Truth', The N.Y. Times, The L.A. Times and Business Week.

I've finally agreed share the amazing learning-curve short cuts that some aspiring voice talent have spent a fortune to learn from me. And frankly, some of my voice over colleagues are mad at me because I'm revealing secrets to people outside our industry.

They don't want people like you to know that the skills behind their voice acting ability and microphone techniques are actually easy to master, once you have the shortcuts. (Some of these veterans feel their careers are now threatened.)

But I'll risk their scorn because I know how many people are nervous about their finances these days and need to make some extra money on the side. I feel it's my duty to share what I know to try and help.

I know from experience with the thousands of students I've trained, that these secrets can take someone at any level…and launch you into an exciting new career behind the mic, a career that will earn you the instant respect of friends and family …and make "work" fun again (if you can call it that).

And guess what? It can all be yours faster and easier than you ever dreamed possible. Because these shortcuts work for anyone-whether you're a rookie just learning how to plug in a microphone, or someone who did a little broadcasting or acting in your earlier days yearning to get back into the spotlight.

That's right. No matter where you are right now, you can quickly and easily master the voice acting chops and skills of some of the best voice talent out there. All the truly killer skills and abilities will be yours. It's all about the shortcuts.

Okay, then ...let's get started on changing your life forever...
Here's what I've got for you:

  • The shortcut voice over recording tricks I use in the studio which GUARANTEE you'll give voice buyers exactly what they want in total confidence. Don't waste a second learning complicated techniques you'll never use. I'll show you only what you need to know. Best part: it's easy the way I teach it.
  • Everything you need to know to read scripts comfortably and conversationally. This is sudden expertise that voice over wannabe's never dream they can attain in a lifetime yet you'll be reading with the total fluidity of a pro almost overnight.

  • How to think in pictures-the one trick that separates the top talent from the "has-beens" who butcher scripts with phony-sounding announcer voices.
  • Simple voice placement tricks that will have you sounding like a velvet-voiced pro in minutes
  • Secrets of nailing the jobs you really want, the jobs that pay well, and the jobs that will build your voice over career (Surprise! it has almost nothing to do with the sound of your voice. Priceless stuff that will change your life on the spot.)
  • The 3 types of home studios -- don't worry, even if you're not technically savvy I'll still walk you through it step-by-step.
  • The best and easiest to use recording software-including a few options you can download for free (Don't worry- if you a know how to "cut and paste this is going to be a piece of cake).
  • The Number One thing you MUST do when you make your demo -and the biggest mistake 99% new voice over talent do that derails their careers before they even get off the ground.
  • The best "plug and play" USB microphones that emulate microphones costing many hundreds of dollars more. I've done the research and I'll save you the time and headache of trying to figure it all out for yourself.
And a ton more: My secrets for how to nail any script (you'll love these easy techniques to help you with your reading and timing)…Plus, a script for promoting your voice over services at any networking event (the most important script of all!). Know this and you'll be amazed at how quickly your calendar fills with well-paying bookings. My "secret" list of viable target markets you probably never thought of !

It just goes on and on. Should you get an agent or not? I'll explain how they work, and how to find them. The nitty- gritty of making contact with voice buyers, whether they're producers, directors or other prospects. The best place to put your home recording set up … how to "treat" your home recording space so you get professional results without spending a penny using a few simple items you already have lying around the house.

Plus, I share my favorite vocal warm up tricks to keep your voice strong and healthy and improve your diction and articulation. It's now simple to warm up and use just a few easy tricks to ensure that you are on top of your game. You'll read fluidly and your voice will sound rich and resonant from the first word in the script to the last.

Here's your key to success!

Voice Over Step-By-Step is a strategically designed system on CD with a 30-Day Action Plan and workbook. The same proven system I've used to teach students in my Boot Camps and Mastermind Coaching Groups, although I've never presented it this clearly and powerfully before. These are the same techniques and strategies that have produced lucrative careers for thousands of my students around the world. The only difference, and it's a BIG one - you're getting the exact same information to enjoy from the comfort of your home at a fraction of the price ...literally thousands less!.

There's never been ANYTHING like this in the history of voice over for performers outside the broadcasting industry.

The simple daily checklists plugged into your brain, plus my hand-holding will allow the learning process to occur at warp speed, which is TONS more profitable than "winging it" on your own. It's easy because you can tap into my powerful PERSONAL ATTENTION - whenever you want to call on it!

Order Now and For a Limited Time Get TWO Valuable FREE Bonuses: ( Worth $588 )

Valuable Bonus #1:
The "Perfect Performance"
Voice Over Skills On-Line Video Training (Value: $297)

In these 4 content-packed on-line training videos you'll discover:

  • How to read copy like a pro with my proven "4 Question Method"
  • The Most Important Key To Voice-Over Success Almost Everyone Ignores
  • The Amazing Voice Acting Secret That Will Shorten The Learning Curve and help you feel right at home behind the mic
  • Professional tips for directing yourself when working from your home studio and much, much more!
My "Perfect Performance" training program gives you the confidence and know-how you need to succeed in voice-over. You'll develop your professional voice acting skills and set the foundation for the rewarding and exciting career of a lifetime!

The Most Important Voice Acting Skill of All: Today's producers, agents and casting directors are looking for voice actors who talk the way real people talk. A golden voice that sounds too perfect can actually be a liability so I've got your back with my simple four-step method and crystal-clear guidelines. You'll develop a natural, believable voice over-style. You'll be absolutely irresistible to voice buyers.

My "living room" technique: Ever listen to a great audio recording and feel as if you and the narrator are side by side, enjoying a conversation with a trusted friend? You may be surprised to learn that great voice over is more visual than auditory. It has more to do with projecting a vivid movie and manipulating the images in the listeners mind than with the sound of your voice. We'll work together so you can master this technique and discover your money-making signature sound.

My "Indiana Jones" Method: The great explorer Indiana Jones would love this lesson because it's all about discovering moments of magic in your voice over scripts. Knowing how to deploy this key voice acting secret really separates the wannabe's from the masters. But once I teach you this simple trick you'll gain instant expertise that clueless beginners struggle for years to master.

My "Moment Before" Procedure: One of the biggest challenges beginners face is getting into the copy, starting and staying in character. Not any more! You may not realize this, but all voice over is voice acting, and you are always in character, even when you're doing the "straight stuff". You'll walk away with a treasure chest full of easy to master tips and tricks to help you deliver a seamless voice over performance from the very first word to the very last period at the end of every script.

I'll also include a digital study guide with scripts and step- by-step instructions for getting the most out of this proven "money voice" training.

Valuable Bonus #2:
A 3-month trial membership in my "Talent Team" coaching program so my coaches and I can monitor your progress and provide on-going support as you grow your voice over career (value: $291)


Here are the exciting benefits included with your "Talent Team" program membership:


B-I-G Talent Team Benefit #1
Monthly Voice Over Skills Coaching Calls
Each month you're invited to a live "members-only" group telephone coaching call with one of our expert Career Launcher Performance Coaches. No matter where you are in your voice over career, you'll be trained to sound like a voice over pro. Calls are recorded and archived for your convenience.

B-I-G Talent Team Benefit #2
Monthly feedback on your auditions and demos
Submit an audio sample (up to :60 long) for my feedback and inclusion on a compilation CD. Send samples of auditions, demos and works in progress. I will give you feedback on audio quality and performance and track and celebrate your growth as a voice over performer.

B-I-G Talent Team Benefit #3
Monthly Guest Expert Interview CD and Transcript
Each month you'll receive a jam-packed package of resource materials including my exclusive audio interview with an industry expert producer, agent, casting director or sales and marketing business-building expert for additional help and support growing your successful voice over career.

Try my Talent Team coaching program for FREE for 3 months GUARANTEED. After that, if you're as satisfied and delighted as we think you'll be and decide you want to continue your membership, we'll automatically bill you $97/month from then on so you can continue receiving the Talent Team benefits. Of course if you are unhappy for any reason you may cancel at any time by contacting our office in New Jersey at 800-333-8108 or However, if you love Talent Team as much as we think you will we will automatically continue billing you $97/mo. starting in the 4th month after your purchase.

How Much?

Frankly, Voice Over Step By Step is A drop-dead bargain. My non-negotiable fee for a private workshop session is a minimum $1,000 for a two-hour session. And some of my students have paid as much as $10,000 for a year's worth of private mentoring. This special package is packed with all the tricks, tactics, tips and shortcuts that I've learned in 25+ years as a professional voice over artist at the top of the business.

But you're not even going to pay a fraction of that amount. Nope. Because it's high time people outside a small clique of voice actors working in New York, Chicago and LA deserve to learn this stuff and I don't want any sincere newcomer shut out because of price. After all, there's more than enough work for all of us and this is such an easy, fun way to make the extra part time income at home that so many people crave these days, it would frankly be a sin to keep these secrets from the people who want them and need them the most.

Here's the good news: You can have my Voice Over Step By Step 30 Day Training package plus the Bonus Perfect Performance On-Line Video Training Series and a 3 month Trial Membership in my Talent Team Coaching Program for just $297 but you're not going to risk a penny because you're covered by my…
My PERSONAL 90 Day 100% Money Back Unconditional Guarantee.

Order my Voice Over Step By Step 30 Day Training Program without fear and check it out for a full 90 days. If you're not blown away by what you see and hear simply send the package back (in any condition) …and we'll refund your $297 immediately, and the Perfect Performance On-Line Video Training Series is yours to keep. No questions asked and no hassles. We've been in business for over 27 years and our reputation is staked on being straight and honest with our customers. We treat you the way we wish other businesses treated us-with immediate shipping, strict courtesy (the customer is always right) and prompt refunds when requested.

This means…you can see everything for FREE if you want, and enjoy the benefits of your 3 month Talent Team free trial membership and my Perfect Performance Video series and you wont risk a penny.

- Susan Berkley

There's just one small problem: you must HURRY!

I'm only releasing a limited number of these courses. Why? Because the information contained in Voice Over Step By Step is so powerful and so effective, I don't want to flood the market with competition. For now, there's plenty of work for everyone but I cannot, in all good conscience, allow more than a limited number of people into this program.

I've only created a limited number of these packages … and I'm not sure when I will have more. SO it's important that you order right now, while we still have them in stock. If you wait, you may miss out.

Or call us at 800-333-8108
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Tell whoever answers you want Susan Berkley's "Voice Over Step By Step" package with Perfect Performance and Talent Team and they'll take care of you. .If the number is busy (we're getting swamped with calls) keep calling back.

Or, if you prefer to pay with a check or money order (made payable to The Great Voice Company Inc.) mail your $297 payment (please add $7 for shipping and handling…total $304) to:

The Great Voice Company Inc
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Again, you are completely covered with a 90-Day 100% unconditional guarantee so you don't risk anything. But you must hurry. This is life changing information for anyone who wants to work from home making good money with their voice, Call right now while its fresh on your mind.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley
Professional Voice Over Artist
Founder, The Great Voice Company

PS. One last thing-I'll include my bonus Perfect Performance on-line Video Training Series when you order today. In these 4 video lessons, I'll personally coach you on how to interpret any voice over commercial script (we call it copy in the business). These are some of the best pro-level tricks I've ever taught and valuable voice over secrets you can use immediately in your suddenly-advanced performance skills. This is worth $297 all by itself. Its killer stuff..and its yours FREE. To keep, even if you ask for a refund later.

And that's not all! Order TODAY and I'll also include… A FREE 3-month trial membership in my "Talent Team" voice over coaching program so we can monitor your progress and provide guidance and on-going support as you as you develop your voice over career(value: $291)

PPS. Oh, and check out what people just like you are saying about my "Voice Over Step By Step" training package.

Jim Hickey

Former ABC News Correspondent: "The best thing I could have done was come to the Great Voice Company, and Susan Berkley for coaching!"


"With more than 32 years as a correspondent for ABC news, I had plenty of experience with on-air news reporting. But when it comes to voice over, the best thing I could have done was come to the Great Voice Company, and Susan Berkley for coaching. There's a big difference between on-air news reporting and voice over, and I learned that here."

Jim Hickey,
Red Bank, NJ

Mike McGonegal

"I had my first in-studio gig this morning. Not bad for doing this less than a year"


I had my first in-studio in Boston this morning!!! Whoopee! It was for a :30 TV spot for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont and took only about 30 minutes total. It was completely awesome! I was relaxed, everyone had fun, and hopefully the client will use me again - I know the production house will.

I must give you kudos for helping it go so smoothly - I knew what to wear, what not to eat beforehand, how to be relaxed, how to keep everyone in a jovial mood (all 7 of them), and - most importantly - how to give them what they were listening for. Not bad for doing this less than a year.

Mike McGonegal,
Wilton, NH

Renee Basile

"I was extremely impressed with everything!"


I learned so much: techniques, how to approach the voice over industry, marketing, etc. Susan shows you exactly what to put into the script to take it to the next level. You need Susan's coaching!

Renee Basile
Warwick, NY


Rachel Collins

"Susan really helped me come out of my shell"


Even though I'm a shy person and it takes a lot to put myself out there, Susan makes you feel extremely comfortable behind the mic. She provides a very casual, relaxed atmosphere. You feel free to be yourself. Susan and Moneen really encourage you to develop your gifts.

Rachel Collins,
Yonkers, NY


Here's what to do now:

Or call us at 800-333-8108
(office hours: 9am-5pm ET M-F)
Tell whoever answers you want Susan Berkley's "Voice Over Step By Step" package with Perfect Performance and Talent Team and they'll take care of you. If the number is busy, we're getting swamped with orders so keep trying. Or, if you prefer to pay with a check or money order mail your $297 payment payable to The Great Voice Company, 110 Charlotte Pl, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 (please add $7 for shipping and handling…total $304)

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