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5 Best Ways To Handle Voice Over Mistakes

5 Best Ways To Handle Voice Over Mistakes

Flubs. Goofs. Breakdowns. They say even saints make 6 mistakes a day. If you’re just starting out, you might not realize you don’t have to get through an entire script without making a mistake. Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a common misconception. With digital editing and some inexpensive software, mistakes are faster and easier than ever… read more →

How The Pros Do It

How The Pros Do It

Recently I went to Birdland, a top NY jazz club, to watch a show by a friend of mine, the singer Alexis Cole. ( She and her trio knocked it out of the park and as she sang and scatted her heart out, I was struck by how hard musicians work to perfect their craft.… read more →

Weird VO Success trick

Weird VO Success trick

This week, a secret to voice over success you may never have thought about before. I call it weird because it has nothing to do with your voice or performance. It has nothing to do with your demo, your website or home studio. It might seem a little “woo-woo” but actually it’s a law of… read more →

The surprising secret to voice over success

The surprising  secret to voice over success

This week we’re going to take a hard look at a mindset issue that could be affecting your voice over success. I’m going to be a little blunt here so I hope you don’t mind. So here’s the question: When you approach potential voice buyers are you acting like a peer or (inadvertently) like a… read more →

This will make you audition better

This will make you audition better

There are two kinds of voice over artists. Those who audition and those who don’t Those who don’t are deeply embedded in the non-broadcast niches like medical narrations, telephony and e-learning, to name a few. Why don’t they audition? The reason is they’ve built relationships with non-broadcast buyers who tend to cast directly off of… read more →

Are medical narrations for you?

Are medical narrations for you?

We see the commercials on television all the time…former sufferers of terrible diseases, now symptom free and frolicking in the park with loved ones. We cringe at the long list of side effects and wonder about the voice talents who dare to speak them. Pharma has deep pockets and those drug commercials keep on comin’.… read more →

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Hi, I’m Jim Hickey. With more than 32 years as a correspondent for ABC news, I had plenty of experience with on-air news reporting. But when it comes to voice over, the best thing I could have done was come to the Great Voice Company, and Susan Berkley for coaching. There’s a big difference between on-air news reporting and voice over, and I learned that here.

Jim Hickey
Former reporter/correspondant
ABC News

The level of coaching you will receive - from interpreting copy to all aspects of the business are like no other. The genuine caring by Susan and Adriana of us being the best we could be was felt by all. We worked hard, and had fun every step of the way.

Michelle Nodiff
Forest Hills, NY

Susan's programs are designed to help one "succeed". And, they work. You may have a great voice, but you need to become proficient in reading well (outloud), an ability to interpret copy correctly, and market yourself with undying diligence. I'm a success in voice-over, thanks to Susan. I was even awarded the coveted "Telly Award" this year.

BP Smith

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