Client Case Studies

Case Study #1

Client: Caremark Prescription Services, San Antonio Texas

Product: Prescription refill IVR

The Challenge: Record and digitize 40,000 voice files in only 60 days

Caremark’s new phone-in prescription product allows their customers to refill any prescription over the phone and have it mailed directly to their home. The challenge was the sheer volume of drug names and participating pharmacies that needed to be recorded. There were over 40,000 files: 12,000 names of drugs and 28,000 names of pharmacies. Turnaround time was also tight. The recording and digitizing had to be done in 60 days. Under such a tight deadline, a key concern was speaker consistency and vocal fatigue, which could affect the sound of the application.

The Solution:

In order to meet Caremark’s pressing deadline and keep the sound of the application consistent, we used three female voice talents with similar voice quality. To ensure consistency, one of the voices was chosen to record the system prompts. Each talent recorded daily for two hours at a time and engineers were rotated frequently to ensure accuracy and peak concentration. Extra staff were brought on line to digitize each days files as they were recorded. We also provided lots of coffee!

The Benefit:

By coming to The Great Voice Company, Caremark received their digitized recordings consistent with all of their quality specifications two weeks ahead of schedule! The Great Voice Company continues to provide Caremark with updates that perfectly match the original application.

Case Study #2

Client: IDT, Piscataway NJ

Product: Call Back service applications

The Challenge: Translate and record a voice application in 23 languages

In February 2000, IDT expanded, offering call back services in 23 countries. This meant that their applications had to be translated, recorded and digitized into German for Austria and Germany, Portuguese for Brazil and Europe, Euro French, Polish, Russian, neutral Spanish, Mandarin, Flemish, Swedish, Urdu, Italian, Singhalese, Turkish, Greek, Danish, Norwegian, Saudi Arabian Arabic, Punjabi, Tagalog, US Male, UK female and UK child. Language syntax and grammar were key concerns. Interestingly, one of the most challenging aspects of this project was the voice of the UK child. A British child living in the US would quickly lose their British accent, making updates sound inconsistent.

The Solution:

IDT needed to find an experienced, reliable vendor who could consolidate and manage all the elements of this complex multi-language project. They chose The Great Voice Company. Our expert team of native translators met the challenge, producing flawless scripts in the target languages that met the specific criteria set by IDT and their customers in the target countries. Once the translations were completed, the scripts were recorded with native professional speakers at our studios just outside of New York City. Finding qualified talent in the NY metro area is much easier than trying to find Tagalog in Tennessee or German in Georgia. While some companies choose to record overseas, we find this method unacceptable. Bringing the talent to our studio allows us to manage the project efficiently without sacrificing quality or sending costs through the roof. And the UK child? Our solution was unique. We turned to Broadway and found not one but three talented young American actresses for our client to choose from. They chose an amazing little girl who was able to reproduce a British accent on cue with uncanny accuracy and maintain it throughout a 20 page script. Thus, the client will be assured a consistent accent in future updates.

The Benefit:

Our project manager worked closely with her counterpart at IDT to assure a timely, accurate and cost effective roll-out. Through its partnership with The Great Voice Company, IDT was able to rapidly and efficiently expand its worldwide presence and be assured that this presence would reflect an accurate knowledge and sensitivity to the customs and preferences of users in all of their target countries. In addition, IDT can quickly and easily update and expand its applications with just one call to The Great Voice Company.

Case Study #3

Client: Applied Logic Associates, Houston TX

Product: Drug randomization IVR

The Challenge: Translate, record and digitize complex medical terminology in several obscure foreign languages.

Applied Logic Associates needed to provide its pharmaceutical clients with an accurately recorded IVR application for several international drug trials. When ALA came to The Great Voice Company they needed to be assured that the medical terminology would be correct in each target language so as to assure accurate results for the drug companies. Some of the languages needed were: Lithuanian, Romanian and Hungarian.

The Solution:

We chose translators from our vast pool who were knowledgeable and experienced in the medical field. We needed to pay particular attention to syntax issues so as not to slant the trial in any way. The talent selected were all native speakers as required by the client.

The Benefit:

Because of our high quality standards, Applied Logic Associates was able to provide their client with an accurate application, ensuring that their drug trials met the criteria set forth by regulating authorities. By partnering with The Great Voice Company ALA can serve the largest international pharmaceutical companies with confidence. Whether it’s a quick update or a large application, they know they can count on The Great Voice Company to meet their specialized needs.

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