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Professional Voice Over Recording & Voice Prompts in any language for IVR Phone Systems, Corporate Narrations, e-Learning, Audio Books, Video and much more.

Voice Over Services

Voice Prompts & Ivr Recording

Crisp, ready-to-load voice prompts in just days! Just pick an IVR voice and send a script! Great Voice offers female and male voice actors in over 100 languages and dialects. Perfect your caller experience and deliver a world-class Voice Brand.

MultiLingual Voice Translations

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Voice Narration, eLearning, Audio Books

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Voice for Video Production

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How to be the voice talent clients love

How to be the voice talent clients love

Here’s what my life in voice over looked like today: 1. A re-record of a line in a script where, despite our best efforts, I mispronounced the name of the client company. (Hey, it happens.) 2. Two explainer video voice overs for a paint company. For some unknown reason they wanted my sexy voice. I… learn more →

How to do voice overs when you have a day job

How to do voice overs when you have a day job

They joke that in LA everyone is a hyphen. Uber driver hyphen actor. Waiter hyphen actor. Task Rabbit hyphen actor. They call it the gig economy-that side hustle people do while waiting to be discovered so they can live the life of their dreams. Back in the day I did my time in the gig… learn more →

We like to blog about the things that we experience whilst on this journey.

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Some Of Our Clients

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"A Valued Partner In Meeting Our Standards For The Highest Quality Client Experience”

"As the voice of Citibank heard by millions of callers every month, Susan Berkley is a consummate professional and true pleasure to work with. She perfectly personifies our brand and is a valued partner in meeting our standards for the highest quality client experience."

Dan Ratliff
VP Client Experience & Voice Processing,

"Her Voice Helps Us Keep Our Customers Satisfied And Win New Ones"

"We are pleased with the voice and recording services of The Great Voice Company because they always deliver results. Susan Berkley is the consummate professional voice talent. Combining intelligence and warmth, her voice helps us keep our customers satisfied and win new ones."

Charles Caldwell
Project manager, AT&T

"We Appreciate The Level Of Attention Paid To Detail When Foreign Languages Are Required"

"We have worked with The Great Voice Company for two years. We have received the highest level of service under very tight deadlines. Additionally, we appreciate the level of attention paid to detail when foreign languages are required. Thank you for your consistent dedication to excellence!"

Ellen Lalwani
VP/Operations & Technology
Hudson United Bank

The Great Voice Company

Professional voice over training and voice coaching via online training courses, workshops and seminars for voice over talents and voice actors.

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