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You see, you are not like most people who dream about doing something wonderful with your voice. You took the first step. Many people never do and live to regret it; But not you. You are an action-oriented person. And because you are, you have a better than average chance of making it in voice over.

But like many people, you’re probably feeling a little bit shy right now about getting started. That’s perfectly normal. Or maybe you’re resisting success. That can happen too.

So I’m going to make it brain dead simple for you to take the next step and experience the quality of our coaching with a limited time offer of this Valuable Gift…

A 2 month trial membership in my elite Inner Circle

Yep! I’m totally serious. And there are no strings attached.

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Let’s take a look at what is included in the ‘elite’ Great Voice Inner Circle Membership that I am ready to give you for the next 2 months:

Great Voice Inner Circle Membership Benefit #1:

Complimentary Membership in our Exclusive NEW Casting Site,

Get Great Voices is the hottest new casting site for Voice Over talent. It was built to connect great businesses and great marketers with great voices (like yours!). Since this is an exclusive site, open only to members of the Great Voice Inner Circle, businesses which seek voice talent can rest assured knowing that the talent on our site have been trained by Susan Berkley, one of the best known and most highly respected experts in the voice over industry. That means more auditions and more jobs for you. This great member benefit makes Inner Circle membership a “no-brainer”!

Great Voice Inner Circle Membership Benefit #2:

Monthly guest expert interviews.

We send you the CD!!

Each monthly interview is a full 60 minutes long. I speak with casting directors, producers, talent agents, home studio and internet marketing experts, and big name voice talent ready and willing to share their secrets with you. Past calls have covered: audio publishing, cartoon voiceovers, accents and dialects, radio imaging, demo CDs, movie trailers, web sites, internet casting services and even alter-ego marketing where you can learn how to actually become two voice talents in one! The subject matter is appropriate for all levels: beginner through pro.

Every call also features a live Q&A. If you can’t be on a call, email me your questions for my guest in advance and I’ll be sure to ask. If nothing else, use these CD’s to turn commuting hours or workout hours into power thinking hours, where you can listen and learn at the same time.

Here’s what Inner Circle Members have to say about the monthly Guest Expert Interviews:

“I am listening to producer/writer Terry O’Reilly’s call from Pirate Radio at the moment…love him-you are the best for making these calls happen! Thank you!!!

Charlie Sill,

Atlanta, GA

“My biggest area of passion is imaging work and I enjoyed the Inner Circle with Dave Foxx mostly because of how supportive and helpful he’s been. He’s the real deal!”

Mark Skibba

Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“Ilove your monthly CDs. I especially liked the one with casting director Mary Lynn Wissner of VoicesVoiceCasting in LA. It was incredibly helpful and educational to hear her critique everyone’s demos, including mine. I also liked your CD on voice talent websites.”
James Early

Bethel, CT

“Your Inner Circle interview with Mary Lynn Wissner was a real eye-opener. She gave me a great suggestion that helped me make a much better demo”
Jamey Lewis

Nashville, TN

Great Voice Inner Circle Membership Benefit #3:

Monthly Critiques of your demos, auditions and works-in-progress. We send you the CD!

Each month you can send me an audio sample (up to 1 minute long) and I will record my comments and include them with your audio on a compilation CD. Non members have to pay $150 per critique for this valuable service. You get it for as part of your membership. Beginning and professional members say this personal attention is one of the most valuable features of the Great Voice Inner Circle program.

Great Voice Inner Circle Membership Benefit #4:

Weekly Motivational Email

Each week I’ll email you a brief motivational email to keep you focused for the week ahead. I’ll inspire and cajole you to keep your eyes on the prize. Motivational emails are archived on a special “Member’s Only” web page.

Great Voice Inner Circle Membership Benefit #5:

Live monthly Members only Q&A Call

I’ll make it easy for you to get my first hand advice with SPECIAL Monthly Q&A Calls ONLY for Inner Circle members I’ll stay on the line until every question is answered or for 60 minutes, whichever comes first. If you’re prepared with smart, specific questions, I’ll give you specific answers. These Q&A Calls can really pay off big! (I routinely charge $300.00 an hour for telephone consultations ) But as an Inner Circle member, you get my advice every month.

But wait! There’s more!

Respond within the next 7 Days and I’ll send you a copy of my Home Studio DVD. Watch and learn as I take you behind the scenes at The Great Company studios and show you my own portable home studio gear and how to set it up and run it. It’s yours if you respond within the next 7 days

Here’s how to claim your “Ultimate Bonus” worth $214.90

To receive your 2 full months of elite Great Voice Inner Circle Membership and my Home Studio DVD you only pay a one-time charge of $19.95 in North America or $39.95 International to cover postage (but this is for the entire 2 months). Frankly, you’ve got to experience the benefits of this program for yourself.

Then, after the 2 months, I will automatically charge you the lowest price that I offer Great Voice Inner Circle Membership, only $59.95 a month.

If after the 2 months, or anytime thereafter, you want to cancel your membership, simply give us a call at 201-541-8595 or email and my office will STOP charging your credit card immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely satisfied. If not, I want you to cancel your membership. And even if you cancel, my Home Studio DVD is yours to keep and enjoy.

Why am I being so generous? Because frankly, I’m shamelessly trying to get you “hooked” on the support and advice I have given hundreds of beginning and professional voice talents just like you. Look, if I can help you shave years off the learning curve, help you avoid embarrassing career-stalling mistakes, and take your voice over career to the next level without wasting your time or money, you’d be silly not to continue, right? . Plus, I want to give you a gentle nudge to do something you’ve always wanted to do because you’re going to thank me for this for years to come.

This offer is valid for new members only. There is a one time charge of $19.95 in North America or $39.95 International to cover postage for the Home Studio DVD included in the 2 months of Great Voice Inner Circle membership. Upon completion of the 2 month trial period, your membership in the Great Voice Inner Circle coaching Program will renew automatically on a monthly basis. Your Payment Card will be charged the recurring monthly membership of $59.95 a month on the 15th day of the month following the expiration of your trial period unless you have chosen to cancel your membership prior to the conclusion of the trial period. You must cancel your membership prior to the end of the trial offer to avoid charges to your payment card. You will not receive any notification from The Great Voice Company at the expiration of your trial. To cancel your membership at any time, simply call 201-541-8595 or email and The Great Voice Company office will STOP charging your credit card immediately. No questions, no hassles, no hard feelings. You must be completely satisfied. And even if you cancel, the Home Studio DVD is yours to keep and enjoy.

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Your information will never be rented, traded or sold.


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  • Experience the thrill of hearing your voice on TV and radio commercials, narrations, audio books and/or cartoons
  • Have an exciting home based business where you can make money with your voice in your spare time (and maybe even quit your boring day job)
  • Finally do something fun and creative with that great voice of yours…

P.S. You’d have to be nuts not to accept this insanely generous offer! To claim your two months Trial Membership in my elite Great Voice Inner Circle and your copy of my Home Studio DVD simply click here to signup now…

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