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7 Responses to Did you catch the FREE webinar “How To Start From Zero And Launch Your Voice Over Business In 90 Days Or Less” tonight?

  1. I enjoyed the phone call, and look forward hopefully coming to the March Boot Camp. I’ve been told that I have the voice so I’m ready to make it work for me.

    • Hi Rory!

      Thanks for joining me on the call. I’m so glad you liked it. It would be terrific to work with you in March and help you make that great voice work for you.

      Happy Holidays…Susan

  2. Hi Susan. Great Seminar. You mentioned USB mics. Which ones would you recommend? Or do you think it is better to get an interface like the mic port pro with a regular condenser mike?
    Thanks so much again for all your advice.

    • Hi Deborah

      I actually have several USB mics for different uses and a really good non-USB in my studio. Here’s the menu:

      Travel: I’m loving the Studio Projects Little Square Microphone which is just that.Little and square. Its the ultimate in portability which I like for easy packing and it sounds great.

      Desk: I have a Samson CO 1U on my desk for quick auditions and a Blue Snowball on my desk at home which I use more for Skype than anything else.

      Studio: I use an AKG 414 which is nice and warm and suits my voice. It’s a condenser mic that runs off the phantom power in my mixing board. Not cheap. They cost about $700
      I havent tried the Mic Port Pro but its a great solution if you want to plug an upgraded condenser mic into the USB port of your computer

      Thanks for your comment! Susan

  3. Susan,
    I’ve been a paid subscriber to voices.com in the past and did 3-5 auditions a day for a couple of months without any feedback or offers. Are these legit auditions? How much competition am I up against? Should I consider giving voices.com or voice123.com another shot with tighter parameters.

    • Hi Bruce
      Yes, these are legitimate services. I know people who book through them. However,dont kid yourself. There is LOTS of competition in these voice talent shopping malls. Thats why I teach voice over business models where you develop your own leads and dont have to audition to find work. It IS possible. And you must do it if you want a viable business. See my “6 Figure Shortcut” marketing Blueprint program or come join us at one of our next Bootcamps.

      Good luck Susan

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