Meet Jay Britton, an IT guy with a wife, son and a passion to be a voice actor for animated films. Watch as his story unfolds.

Jay Britton was working full-time for an IT consultancy in the basement of a London office building. He grew a bit discouraged with the lack of sunlight, and realized he needed to make a life change in order to find happiness. Jay’s absolute dream and passion was always to become a voice actor for animated films. Even though he was “successful” by usual standards, he wasn’t satisfied. Jay wanted to set a good example for his son. So, he sat down with his wife, who encouraged him to pursue his dream. One day, Jay was given the opportunity of a lifetime in the 2015 Ford Mustang. Ford had set up a test drive in the new Mustang and an audition at Tippett Studios with Corey Rosen. This was the moment Jay was waiting for, but how would it go? Is Jay ready to pursue his dream? Does he have what it takes to be a top-tier voice actor? Check out the fun day with Jay, here.

Alex Gibney – Mustang Moments: The Voice Actor from Chelsea Pictures on Vimeo.

The Voice Actor

Directed by Alex Gibney

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