Are you wrong for voice over?

Are you wrong for voice over?

Read the testimonials on our website at and you’ll see 5 star reviews from people who have done consultations with our talent advisor and were surprised and even shocked by his honest yet supportive feedback.

Unlike some companies, we will never lie to you about your potential. We wouldn’t be in business for 30 years if we didn’t deliver a high quality service our customers trust.

But nevertheless, if you’re interested in a voice over career you should do your due diligence and this week I’m here to help you out.

I’ve identified 5 types of people who should steer clear of voice overs because it’s an absolute waste of their time, money and energy.

If we determine you’re on the list, we’ll gently and respectfully steer you away because that’s how we roll.

So take a deep breath, make sure no one’s looking over your shoulder and click on this week’s Inside Voice Over video training blog to discover who this is NOT for

Watch this week’s short training video Here Now

After you watch the video, I want to know your thoughts. Was this helpful? Write to me in the comments box. I want to learn what’s on your mind so I can support you and share your best practices.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company


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2 Responses to Are you wrong for voice over?

  1. Interesting and helpful; rarely does anyone in any profession tell you why you may be wrong for the profession until it’s too late. You also gave details about what, specifically, makes each of the five types wrong for voice-over. I have more to consider now, and I will. Thanks again!

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