How To Kick Start your Voice Over Career

How To Kick Start your Voice Over Career

I was thinking this week about how I could help you gain some momentum in the growth of your voice over business.

To help get some clarity, I picked up a copy of the “Four Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss, a best-seller that was out a few years ago. In it the author outlines how you can bamboozle your boss into letting you work from home or remotely.  He explains how you can outsource most of your work duties to India, start an information marketing business and use the extra time and money to follow your dreams, travel the world or start your own business. There are many practical time management tips in this book and a blueprint for anyone who wants to escape their 9-5. More time for voice-over!

The key to getting started is to set short 3-6 month timelines for each dream or goal. The first steps are critical. Tip: start now so you can build momentum because tomorrow equals never..

Define three steps that will get your closer to becoming a working voice over artist. For example, they could be: 1. Start a coaching program and make a demo 2. Set up a website and 3. Set up a simple home studio.

Then, determine 3 simple actions you can do right now in 5 minutes or less (speed is  key)  for each of the 3 steps.

For your demo and training, you might call us at 800-333-8108 and speak to our Talent Advisor about a voice consultation, listen to talent demos at and select your first piece of copy for the demo.

For your website, you might visit and post a bid for a web designer, get a referral from a friend whose website you like, and sketch out some ideas for what you want the site to look like.

For your home studio you might download  a trial version of  Sound Forge home studio software or Twisted Wave for the Mac (or get download freeware from Audacity),  go on line and buy your first USB  microphone and decide on the best place in your home to record.

Then determine three more actions you will take for each of these goals  tomorrow morning and the day after, both  before 11 AM.


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