How to make a fortune in hidden voice overs

How to make a fortune in hidden voice overs

The more I read comments from people struggling to make a living in voice over…

…the more I think they are ignoring a huge opportunity for succeeding.

What about you?

If you’ve been auditioning and auditioning, for way too long, without seeing the results… and the income you expected…

(Or if you’re just starting out and want to avoid newbie mistakes)

I bet you’re missing a big voice over opportunity that you CAN’T ignore and I just put together a new video training for you that explains it.

I call these “hidden voice overs”.

And while they might be hidden to you or me, your voice can actually be heard by millions of people, without even being on TV or radio.

When work in hidden voice overs you rarely need to audition (a big relief!)

Clients and producers cast off demos-or even referrals.

This might be the voice over opportunity you’ve been looking for!

After you watch the video I want to know your thoughts, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve at this awhile. Does this resonate for you? If not, what else are you thinking about?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

14 Responses to How to make a fortune in hidden voice overs

  1. Susan. I have been receiving your emails for several years because I had a passing interest in doing voiceover. I also signed up with Voice123 and get their daily listings, but have never paid for a membership. Over my lifetime countless people have told me that I have a rich voice, and that I should be doing something with it. I even had one gentleman a number of years ago, who had previously been in radio, tell me that he could “make money” with my voice. I’m almost 70 (male), and recently suffered a financial reversal that has made it necessary for me to pull out all the stops looking for a way to generate funds again for retirement. Yes, even at this late date! Honestly, can you make money doing this? I wouldn’t expect to get rich, even if I were successful, but is it realistic (if my voice is any good) to think that, over time, I could make a living at all? If I decided to jump in, what should my expectations be? I know these are very general questions and I’m looking for specific answers, but just trying to get a ‘feel’ if this has realistic possibilities. Frankly, I don’t think my voice is all that special, but I hear it so often (especially from women) that maybe there’s something there. My ex. once told me that my “voice” was what first attracted her to me…and that was when I was a teenager. I recently re-connected with a high school classmate through Facebook, and when we talked on the phone for the first time…her first words to me when she messaged me on FB was…”that voice!” Also, what does it cost (approximately) to get started. Where do I start???? Any advice you could offer would be helpful.

    • Hi Kayward,
      Yes, good money can be made in voice over, just take a look at Andy’s comments below. But let me be clear: to be successful, you need to treat this like a business and you do need to invest in coaching, home studio equipment and marketing, just like you would any other home based opportunity. Based on other people’s reactions, it sounds like you do indeed have a very nice voice but unfortunately that is not enough to ensure your success. If you’;re ready to proceed, give us a call at 800-333-8108 or email Thanks for your comment

  2. Susan,
    Between the last video on phone systems VO and this week’s corporate VO work, you have nailed it! A million auditions on the pay to play sites with little work got old for me, and little by little by doing some marketing to corporate video and audio producers, and now I have something resembling a career. I do about twenty gigs a week and a fair share are training or instructional videos.

    You’re right there is little recognition, and I can’t show the commercial to friends and family, but somehow taking them on a nice vacation works just as well.

    Your videos and instructional materials have been an important source of information and motivation, and I can’t thank you enough!

    I hope to be able to make it up to the U.S. for one of your boot camps and group trainings. I know it’ll be worth it!


    Andy Colón
    Cancún, Mexico

    • Hi Andy,
      Congratulations! Sounds like you are on a roll and doing great. I appreciate your nice comments and glad I was helpful. Our next Bootcamp will be in NYC in April. For more information contact or give us a call. I’d love to meet you!

  3. Susan, I think you give great advice and you are providing a great service. I have been doing voice overs for a while now and I would very much like to get into corporate voice overs. In your video you don’t say who to contact to start the ball rolling. What companies should I start contacting? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Darryl Dixon

    • Hi Darryl
      I’m so happy I’ve been helpful! Thanks for your comments

      Who to contact is a conversation that would take several hours and if you haven’t been coached or have a demo you’re not ready yet. The next step is a voice assessment with our talent advisor. Contact or call us at 800-333-8108

  4. Hi This very interesting. How does one get into this field if it is only circulated within the company?

    • Hi Phyllis,

      If you haven’t already done so, please download and read my free e-book under voice talent training on this site. I think you will find it helpful. Then, when you’re ready contact us for a voice assessment with our talent advisor to discover your potential.
      or 800-333-8108
      Thanks for your comment!

  5. Hi Susan, I have toyed with the idea of voice over for several years. I don’t have a recording studio in my home yet and worry some about the cost. Would love more info on how to start in “Hidden Voice Over” opportunities. I am a newbie in this biz. Background in music with BS in music Ed. Performed in musicals and opera, woke with children in a preschool many years ago. I am 58 and wonder what options are available to me and cost to start out.

  6. Hi Susan,

    Thanks for this video, which I found very informative. I especially like the tips about hydrating and eating one hour before a session. Who knew?



  7. Hi Susan. Just watched the video before I call for our talk today as I am a new VOTI student, but this video training added to something I was talking to Adriana about in our meeting this morning. It is having a wider diversity in voice over niches due to the fact that it is so competitive now. I didn’t really consider doing corporate voice over and was setting my sites kind of narrow. With the number of professional, not so professional, voice actors out there I have since changed that thinking and will definitely be marketing my voice acting services to a wider variety of niches. Thank you for the great opportunity you and GVC are providing me in getting my voice acting career off to a perfect start. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in making voice acting a career.

  8. Corp audio will be a gold mine for me for sure. I have several telephony related irons in the fire right now….very exciting.
    I plan to use all my contacts from my 31 years in my first career and chip away at it!

    I am now the message-on-hold voice for the IT service line for a large national service company.
    Its easy to produce….and the company loves the continuity I provide to all the different levels of the on-hold message system.
    Susan, thanks for all this fabulous spot-on advice that spills out of you so willingly.

    All this follow-up (FREE) information you provide dovetails beautifully with all that you taught me during the Voice Over Boot Camp I attended in March. What a fabulous kickstart that was for me Susan.
    Thanks so much!
    Brad Hyland


  9. Hi Susan, thanks so much for the weekly tips and words of encouragement most of all.
    I am glad you highlighted this niche or corporate training videos. I had the opportunity to do a VO for a corporate e-learning type of video for my company for free just to get my name out there and get experience in a professional recording studio. The client was pleased with the final product, but I didn’t get great feedback from my VO coach. SO I wanted to know if you could listen to it and give me feedback. Also, in addition to a commercial demo, what else should voice talent have in order to market themselves for corporate training videos, and where should we start reaching out to.

    I appreciate all the feedback, encouragement and support you have given the aspiring VO community.

  10. Hi Susan,

    Great information and advice on a genre of voice over that many may not have given thought to. Thanks! It may not be as glamorous as TV or Radio, but in the end, all money is green. Plus this may be a great stepping stone to higher things in voice over if that is what one desires. I am a newbie but have already done a little bit of this type of work at my current job.

    Please keep your e-newsletters coming because they contain valuable info and are a pleasure to read because of your genuine wish to help us folks who are just getting started!

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