Imagination The Third Key of Voice Acting

Imagination The Third Key of Voice Acting

Imagining leprechauns and pots of gold? Then you’re perfectly in synch with today’s Inside Voice Over video lesson, which is all about imagination, the third tenet of voice acting.

To do good voice over, win auditions and get lots of work, you really need an active imagination-because if you don’t see vivid, technicolor images in your mind’s eye, the audience won’t either.

This is especially important if you intend to do audio books.

In today’s lesson I reveal one of the most common problems I see voice over beginners making- and solve it for you here.

Plus I share my best tips for forming more vibrant pictures in the theatre of your mind so your auditions stand out and your listener really gets sucked into your recordings.

As always, it’s my best stuff and you can

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To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

10 Responses to Imagination The Third Key of Voice Acting

  1. Thanks for the tip! It is a very good reminder about the importance of the need to tap into our visual creativity side of our brain. Thanks!

  2. Absolutely—- visualizing the message, who is the audience, their reaction, your reaction, becoming one with the copy / script is key. Immerse yourself in that visual and it comes to life when you deliver.

  3. Great information!

    I’m 53 years old, African-American, and have worked in interaction with the public and corporate for many years. I’ve been told for many years I have a great speaking voice. I never followed up on any of the positive thoughts I was given. I now just recently was given new enthusiasm trying to break into this Field. How should I tackle this new endeavor..?

    Andre B Jones

  4. Being an engineer/scientist, imagination comes perhaps less easily to me. But as always, you’ve given some specifics that will surely help. Thanks!

  5. Another tip either have a picture of that person and talk to the picture or have a mirror and talk to yourself.
    It does work

  6. I thank my elementary librarian, Mrs Hadden,for giving me a great imagination and being able to put yourself in the book,literally !

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