Is this voice over question stopping you cold

Is this voice over question stopping you cold

When I got started in voice over, I couldn’t stand my day job so I quit. I had stars in my eyes and expected a flood of voice over jobs to magically appear.

They didn’t.

I soon realized that quitting my day job without a safety net was a stupid thing to do. I don’t recommend it.

I found myself in survival mode heading down a lot of dead ends and listening to some very bad advice.

Out of necessity, I became hyper-focused on finding the right way to get started in voice without wasting my time or my money.

Can you relate? If so, you’re in the right place.

But here’s the dangerous part.

It’s all too easy to lose focus and get sidetracked.

To become successful in voice over you must have a strong foundation.
Otherwise you’re just building your house on sand.

There are 4 Pillars to voice over success and in this week’s video I walk you through the very first step you need to raise your voice over off the ground…

When you invest in yourself and start your voice over career off right with a proven, step-by-step program, you shave years off the learning curve and avoid a lot of embarrassing newbie mistakes. …

…so you can enjoy the freedom, fun and flexibility of a work from home voice over career or money hobby faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

Watch my new video to learn about the FIRST pillar of voice over success
(And stay tuned for pillars 2, 3, 4 🙂

And after you watch the video I want to know about your big WHY for starting your voice over career? Why do you want to do this?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

8 Responses to Is this voice over question stopping you cold

  1. I am just beginning, I have had my consultation but I do see me launching before the Christmas Holidays. WHY?…. Because…..VOICE OVERS IS ME! Just as others have stated many people have literally enjoyed listening to me talk. I began as a customer service rep for Days Inns of America in Atlanta, GA during my sophomore in college and I found out that several of my coworkers stated they admired the way my voice sounded and the way I had a soothing dialect when it came to talking to customers. I often heard it later through the years. I was always a speaker even as a child. My mother made sure of that in school and of course church. I was the speaker for several programs at my church before I graduated high school. I am sure this contributed to my voice skills. Finally, I just love voice animation and I love using my voice to communicate. The sure reason of WHY is to also obtain freedom of life to live. By getting into Voice Overs would allow me to do all of this.

  2. I am now almost 49 years old (in October) and have had an interest in doing voice overs for many years now, since shortly after graduating high school in NJ. I now reside in North Carolina. I have done DJ work, been singing/mc’ing, fronting bands for 30+ years. I enjoy using my voice. When singing, I enjoy interpreting the song and delivering a message from it, not just singing the words. It is something people have come to enjoy in particular about my performances. To pay the bills I have maintained work in the administrative field in various office environments and capacities, some paying fairly well. But I am miserable doing it. I knew not to quit to just embark on this career, but it has been a double edged sword in that my job takes up so many hours of my time and leaves me exhausted, stressed and feeling like I don’t have a stitch of energy left to pursue dinner no less my voice over career. A couple of times I got close and even have purchased the equipment and have an office that I can use. I have lost many people in this life and my brother is now terminally ill with colon cancer. The more I am reminded of how short life is, I feel that as I approach 49, that I have not spent enough time at least giving myself the priority to do what I believe I would both enjoy and be quite good at.

    I hear commercials on the radio and TV and can imagine myself having done them. I believe that my voice would catch the listener’s attention and (with the proper training) then I could follow that with the delivery to pull them in and drive the message home.

    At the moment,due to unfortunate but yet perhaps timely circumstances, my current job appears to be coming to an end. But I anticipate several months severance and see this as the perfect opportunity to have some time to build my foundation. While I anticipate I will have to take full time work once again, at least to have the foundation built for this in the meantime, and with a break and a fresh outlook, I just may finally be in the right place to get this started right and continue to build it even if taking additional work in the meantime until it is busy and strong enough to stand on its own.

    I guess I could have summed this up with “It’s just time”.

    Joanne Baker

  3. Hello Susan,

    My name is Roderic. My WHY actually stems from something you mentioned in your pillar 1 video. For years, people have been telling me that I have a wonderful voice and several years ago some mentioned voice over. That is how/when I discovered your company. As time went on, I really began to pay attention to my voice.
    During those same years, I often seen talented people make good living, off their talent and some miss up their lives, due to the benefits reap from such talent. My saying was, “If I had a talent..” So, here I am now. I believe in my voice and that it is the talent, in which I have been searching and I want to take it and make something more of myself.
    So WHY, it is to associate myself with something other than a normal existence, in my life. The more i hear about voiceover, the more extraordinary things I learn.

  4. I have been told that I have a good voice and should get into announcing or broadcasting of some kind. I found this first pillar interesting and I’m looking forward to the rest.

  5. why did I get started? I got started because My first VO was an opportunity to help a cause I believed in–that cause led me to a VO booth and when I stepped out, the studio owner asked me if I’d like more work…I guess giving helps you receive sometimes.

  6. Hello Susan,

    I have received several e-mails from you over the past two months and I finally made some time to view the 1st of your 4 Pillars video. I have always found voice over very interesting, but never got the opportunity to pursue a career in it. This may be the right time in my life to start. The big WHY for me is that I want to do something that I feel will be rewarding for and that people and companies need to help in to make them successful as well. I want to do this because I know that it will take work but also be an industry that is pleasant to work in.

  7. I am interested in Voiceover since I know this is the gift I have been blessed with and it would surely be a waste if I didn’t at least make the strongest attempt possible to realize my fullest potential in this genre

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