How postcards help you get voice over jobs

How postcards help you get voice over jobs

If you’re of a certain age, I’m sure you remember how cool it was to receive a postcard from a friend or family member visiting a far-off land.

Pictures of beautiful scenery, bikini babes, giant lobsters with goofy captions , a circled dot on a distant mountain top with an arrow and a hand-written note “We were here!!”

You never went anywhere without mailing a stack of postcards to the folks back home. The best featured beautiful foreign stamps and tweet-length travelogues, the dull ones a scribbled “Wish you were here.” (Yeah, thanks. I’m not.)

These days we post photos of our trips on Facebook and Instagram, attach them to texts and emails. But it’s just not the same as opening the mailbox and finding a beautiful handwritten postcard tucked between the bills and the catalogues.

Postcards are a powerful, inexpensive and underutilized way to keep in touch with your voice over prospects and customers and they work.

They’re a proven and dependable way to get voice over jobs. And the good news is, you don’t have to handwrite a message on the back of each and every one!

So what’s the best way to use them?

In this week’s Inside Voice Over training, I share proven best practices for using postcards in your voice over marketing.

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To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company


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3 Responses to How postcards help you get voice over jobs

  1. Love this Susan! I love getting snail mail.
    Thanks for the tip, I am going to start doing it this year…just have to get everything ramped up…i..e logo, url, design, etc.
    Thanks so much!

  2. Thanks Susan..GGGGRRRREEEAT idea…gotta start doing this this year.
    God Bless and thanks again

    Ernie Hodge

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