Top 10 Home Recording Tricks

Top 10 Home Recording Tricks

In a just about a month from now. I’ll be packing up for my semi-annual Christmas trip to Brazil.

In my carry-on will be my laptop, my Apogee mic, an inexpensive folding mic stand, a pop screen and some headphones. It’s all I need to record from the road.

I love the portability of my voice over career. You can record from anywhere and people do.

My friend the amazing voice talent Rodney Saulsberry keeps his laptop and mic in the trunk of his car in case he gets a call for an audition while stuck in Los Angeles traffic.

He just pulls off into the nearest parking lot, rolls up the windows, plugs in his mic and is good to go.

Voice talent Justin Hibbard told me he once recorded some TV promos while vacationing in a hut in Borneo where he went to see the pygmy elephants.

But wherever you call home, temporary or permanent, it’s important to follow the home recording “rules of the road”.

I’ve got ten of ’em to share in this week’s Inside Voice Over short video training blog

Watch this week’s short training video Here Now

And when you’re done, post me a note. Where in the world would you like to record from? Even if it’s your basement, I’d love to know.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

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