Top Dollar for your Voice Over Work

Top Dollar for your Voice Over Work

Many people say voice over is so much fun they’d do it for free.

And yes, it is fun. But unless you’ve taken a vow of poverty or are independently wealthy, why would you give away your valuable talent without being fairly compensated?

Yet that’s what many people do.

They either bid (and accept) fees that are way too low, allow themselves to be intimidated by price buyers, or shy away from learning some basic price negotiation skills.

The voice over work we do is not just talking and goofing around behind the mic. It’s a skill that, when deployed, allows your customers to make lots and lots of money, and that has real value.

Heck, a TV spot I once voiced for “Topsy Tail” sold well over $50 million worth of hair gizmos. (Look it up on YouTube. It’s a direct response classic.)

So how do you negotiate your rates so it’s a win-win for both you and the client?

Today I’ve got some key distinctions about getting paid in Susan Berkley’s Inside Voice Over video training. Take a look and let me know what you think.

Watch It Here Now

After you watch the video, I want to know your thoughts. Is quoting your rates a problem for you? Have you figured it out?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

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13 Responses to Top Dollar for your Voice Over Work

  1. Great tips! Being new at VO I admit the anticipation of getting a question like those you mentioned can be a bit intimidating . That’s why I look for to your inside VO tidbits.

    Thanks for all that you do. I can’t wait to meet you at your next VO Bootcamp.

    Shirrell P.

    • Happy to help Shirrell and looking forward to meeting you at our next Bootcamp in June! Susan

  2. Dearest Susan Berkley, You are right on time with this topic. I have been asked sooooo many times how much I charge with the assumption that I am unaffordable that I have been disenchanted with my blessings. After viewing your video I am refreshed with answers that can take me out of the embarrassing spotlight into the platform of seeking a solution that we can enjoy.

    Thank you! I feel like I can accomplish something, again…

  3. The response regarding rates: It depends on the project.- Definitely holds true! I feel the resources out there for ‘rate sheets’ are a bit antiqued. When dealing only with a client online (not instant feedback of having the producer and/or creative in the studio), I find that a tiered approach is best. If I quote a flat rate for deliverable audio, and we end up going back and forth with a half a dozen takes before approval, I may as well have worked for free.
    Has anyone else had this experience? Do you use a tiered rate sheet? If so, how does that look?

    • Hi Lisa,
      I like to keep my rate sheets as simple as possible. Not exactly sure what you mean by tiered. If a client declines to direct my session (by skype or phone patch), he has to live with what I send him or pay another session fee. None of this going back and forth. Susan

  4. Good Morning Susan, My name is Lawrence S. I am one of those people that have been told all my life, I have a nice deep voice I should consider doing voice over work. I live in L.A Ca. where voice over schools and trainings are plentiful. Well now that I have been laid off from my job. I have been searching voice over training. I actually took the time to go to two(2) voice over training orientations one was free one cost me $40 dollars. One day I happen to type in voice training on YouTube and saw your VO tidbits. My first response was wow! I must admit I have learned a lot from your VO tidbits and e-book and would really like to attend your training. My question is how much is your training? and will you be coming to California any time soon. Thank You Susan look forward to your response. Lawrence.

  5. Great tips to put in one’s arsenal of price negotiation. I may have a voice over gig for this lovely little greek restaurant in a neighboring town. I sang “Happy Birthday” to one of his servers(the others workers were killing it).
    George liked what he heard and is interested in voice over ads to expand his clientele. I got a free appetizer to boot! Thanks, Susan, for all the training and tips!

  6. Susan – fantastic tips! Just relax when your engaging with the client; take a moment to answer and use Susan’s tips – I know I will!

    In my “day” job we try to “Probe softly”!with current & prospective clients all the time – you learn so much more! Thanks again Susan!!
    Steve Mallory

  7. Hi Lawrence,
    So happy I was helpful.
    We have students from all over the world and offer both virtual training by phone/skype and on line and live training at our Bootcamps in NYC. We dont take the Bootcamp on the road. Questions? Contact us at 800-333-8108 or – Susan

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