Voice Over Branding Mistakes

Voice Over Branding Mistakes

Some people wrack their brains trying to figure this one out.

They spend a ton of money on high-priced branding packages: professionally designed logos, mousepads, coffee cups and other gimmicks to try to grab attention.

But does it work? Is it really worth the money?

I must admit that my take on branding is a little unorthodox, even renegade.

I’ve have an unusual (and even odd!) take on branding that has the potential to not only save you lots of money, but skyrocket your way to voice over success.

Watch It Here Now

After you watch the video, I want to know your thoughts. Was this helpful? Write to me in the comments box. I want to learn what’s on your mind so I can support you and share your best practices.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you and share your best practices.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

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Here are some comments from people who attended our April Bootcamp:

Real Coaching, Real Direction

“Susan’s program is phenomenal! Real coaching, real direction, and showing you how to stretch your natural gift of voice over. More importantly, sharing the mindset and what it takes to build the business. Thank you Susan and GVC!” Eddie Martinez, Manlius NY

Awesome People and Support

“The support received at the Boot camp was second to none! Susan and Adriana took all of their experience, wrapped it up into a fun and understandable package and gifted it to us! After working with them, I have the confidence to move forward and take the steps necessary to own my own life. I can’t say Thank you enough for what they provided me!” Julianne Thornton, Warwick, RI

An Action-Packed Blueprint!

“I found the Voice Over Immersion over this past weekend a remarkable, action packed blueprint for marketing my Voice Over business and deepening my understanding of the creative work for voice talent. As an actor, I was humbled by the process and inspired by the growth. The entire Great Voice Company team each brought a vital piece to imparting these gems!” Beth Kucharczyk, Garden City, NY


8 Responses to Voice Over Branding Mistakes

  1. This couldn’t have come at a better time. I was just thinking how bad my proposed tagline to myself was reading awful cheesy. “Your choice for a pro voice.”

    Time to get back to what I know. Technology. Keep up the great vids, they’re helping this student immensely!

  2. Your ideas make lots of sense! Passion affects the voice. My voice is more than sound waves passing through my lips. It’s affected by what I’m feeling and what excites me – just as wine is enhanced by the skins of grapes and the sunshine and rain that helped make the grape.

  3. as always, very useful information Susan. Thank You! Several ideas come to mind about integrating my passion into my brand.

    For me, an important part of branding also is taking a step back and see how active and prospective clients perceive you…if they perceive you at all, and then work from there. I try to get away from all the updating my website stuff and logo stuff like you aptly mentioned, and concentrate on how my clients perceive me as being relevant to what they need.

    Most of my clients need professional, competent, fast work. They don’t have time for bells and whistles. I try to ask all the pertinent questions I can from the beginning so there are few fixes later, and I get to work. If I say I’ll have it tomorrow, I’ll have it a few hours earlier than expected. I’ve found that one facet of my personal brand is punctuality…not sexy, but it’s appreciated.

    Also, I ask my clients why they chose me for a particular job. Whether it’s voice tone, or I was the guy who was at the right place at the right time, it helps me to shape my marketing and my focus.

    As always, thank you for your efforts and I wish you success. I hope to be able to make it up to the US for one of your bootcamps this year.

    cheers from Cancun!


  4. Susan, Yes! Most of us have expertise or interests in other areas and we can readily use that to market ourselves within a specific niche. Thanks again for a great re-focusing on the key aspect of marketing.
    My best to you,

  5. I hear ya on putting a mark on your voice to market it but I feel I might restrict my options if I do that. I’ve been a pilot for over half my life (I’m 35) and have three federal aviation licenses so I can relate to this story. I can talk on the radio (the pilot ones) and I know the field very well and airlines extremely well. I’d love to work with aviation companies! On the other hand, I also know science well–particularly physics but all sciences really–and I’m a father of six, an avid traveler, a sports fan, an Eagle Scout with plenty of camping and wilderness survival training, a firefighter, I have a degree in criminal justice and law, etc. If I just market my aviation experience I’ll be discounting everything else but if I try to market all the rest I’ll thin it out. Since I love doing accents and varying my voice I do feel that selling it as versatile is the best option. I’m new in the field so I can easily be wrong and if I had connections to specific markets (aviation, science, firefighting, parenting, outdoors, law and law enforcement, etc) then I could narrow down my talents to target audiences but on something like a website or business card it’s hard to focus on just one! Any suggestions there? Thanks 🙂

  6. Susan…,

    I enjoyed your information on the “Voice of Aviation” branding video. I’ve been having trouble getting responses from my “VO” samples . I’ve tried audio books companies and even religious books that are sold as audio readings.

    Is it possible to forward you a copy of my “VO” sample? I could surely use some professional advice from you.


    Budder Jones

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