Voice Over Tips for working in an outside studio

Voice Over Tips for working in an outside studio

99% of the time you’ll be recording voice overs in your home studio.

This is easier and more cost-effective to set up than you think.

It’s one of the key things we teach you how to do at our Voice Over Bootcamp Recording Studio Immersion Experience and in our Voice Over Training Institute.

Don’t worry if the technology freaks you out. We’ve got your back.

But every once in a awhile you’ll be invited to record in somebody else’s studio. It’s tons of fun. There’ll be an audio engineer and maybe a director or the client live or in your headphones.

You can relax and just be the talent.

If being in a professional recording studio is new for you I’ve got some tips and techniques in this week’s brief Inside Voice Over training video that will make you look like a real pro so you can enjoy the session to the fullest.

Watch it here…

After you watch the video, I want to know your thoughts. Was this helpful?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

6 Responses to Voice Over Tips for working in an outside studio

  1. Always enjoy your helpful hints and strategies.
    I have had online training years ago and developed a cd at that time. I have never used it and find myself now not knowing what my next step should be. I have the desire but my fear of making that first step is holding me back.
    I know you say just get out there and do it but my “do it” is lacking.
    I live in Texas and New York is a little to far for me. I am of retirement age but want to make the break into voiceover work.
    Any motivating ideas?

  2. Susan:

    I have certainly experienced, “they’ll direct you this way and that,” and was tempted to take that personally as well:

    “Will you read that a taste faster?”
    “Let’s try that with a more folksy-type tone.”

    I was tempted to be intimidated by that also at first, as though I was doing something incorrectly, rather than the director’s acting on a whim and tinkering with things.

    Thank you for the encouragement.

    • Very informative;thank you Susan.

      Beginning to see my future doing voiceovers;the thought of a possible career in voice over can probably prove to be more enjoyable than workingmy day job. I believe I gained valuable information.
      Thank you again.

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