How to be the voice talent clients LOVE

How to be the voice talent clients LOVE

Valentine’s Day is in the air and little hearts are everywhere.

(Note to Boyfriend: did you make that dinner reservation yet?)

Whether you’re just kicking off your voice over career or you’ve been at this awhile, it’s also a good time of year to think about how you can show some love to your voice over clients.

Once you establish a relationship, you want to be the talent they call over and over again, right?

So how do you do that?

Well, you may be surprised to discover that being a favorite talent has almost nothing to do with the sound of your voice.

I’ve identified 6 very surprising but simple things you must do that will endear you to your voiceover clients. (Hint: one of them has to do with the way you do your billing)

I share them with you here…

After you watch the video, I want to know your thoughts. Were you surprised by what I wrote? Have you done any of these things in your voice over business?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

11 Responses to How to be the voice talent clients LOVE

  1. Susan,
    More invaluable information. Thank you. I am learning so much from your videos and looking forward to attending the Great Voice Company bootcamp April 2-4. In the meantime, I am playing catch up with other Inside Voice Over E-Newsletters and blogs. Theresa Dodge

    • Great, Theresa! We’re looking forward to working with you in April. Thank you for registering. Smart move! Susan

  2. Your advice is excellent, and most of it would apply to any endeavor.

    One thing that enhanced my career is to UNDER-COMMIT and OVER-DELIVER. If you think a project will take seven days, but it really takes eight, your client will see you as LATE. However, if you told the client you could deliver in 10 days, but it really took that same eight days, the client will believe that you delivered two days EARLY. It is the same eight days, but is perceived very differently.

  3. Hi…I have worked with some agencies and you are right on the money…thanks for going over the billing aspect…what do you do about a client who pays really slow. They tell ya that you will have your money in no less than 30 days…It winds up being 5 months?

    A short reply would be appreciated

    • OOOOO- 5 months is WAY too long. I would ask for money up front or 50% down via pay pal. Many people do. If not, I’d consider dropping the client. Sorry to be so tough about it but that’s not acceptable. Good luck!

  4. How much do you charge for a jingle the VO talent creates. I wrote the words and music for a potential client. Do I give it to them… and if they use it….they pay me?
    Please advise.
    Thank you so much for your inspirational expertise.
    Vera Silvers

  5. Greetings – I am in much the same place as Teresa Dodge. I’ve added roughly 10 VO books to my library. Reading and studying those plus everything I can find on your site (Bless You). Striving to attain a modicum of “second nature” knowledge and professionalism before April 2nd. Following my bliss at 63 is, by turns, “hair-raising” and Joyful!

    Can’t Wait To Meet You, Teresa. My Anticipation in meeting You, Susan and of course, the Other 25 Great Voices!

    See everyone on the 2nd!

  6. Thanks Susan,
    I’m loving each and every edition you so thoughtfully provide.
    Since taking the boot camp in 2014, I have officially retired (more like re-directed) after 31 years as a landscape professional and have committed 100% to voiceover.
    Lots to learn and lots to accomplish still.

    For our billing, is it the expectation that we provide an electronic bill that’s customized to our company or name?
    Also, what percentage of payment is made via Paypal do you think?
    Do you have any advice about the billing methods/expectations on the talent end?

    thanks, and keep all the energy coming!

  7. Good information as always. I wish I was able to attend the Boot Camp but in the meantime reading your book and getting these weekly trainings have been invaluable I will be contacting your agency soon for a talent evaluation and to get some information about my home studio and demo. Thanks for all you do!!

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