What to do about your morning voice

What to do about your morning voice

Some voice over guys I know do all their recording before noon when they have that ooooh baby Barry White thing going on. Others wait until later in the day when their voice is nice and warmed up.

Your voice tends to sound lower or deeper when you first wake up for three reasons.

First, fluids collect in the tissues of the throat while we sleep. It’s the same temporary phenomenon that makes our eyes look puffy when we first wake up.

Second, mucous builds up overnight from lack of use.

And third, the vocal cords dry out from breathing through the mouth while we sleep. Due to lack of lubrication they can’t move together as well as they should to form a higher pitch.

So how do you sound when you first wake up -sexy or froggy?

No matter which one it is, you need a morning wake up routine to keep your voice in shape for the day ahead.

In this week’s Inside Voice Over video training blog I share my best morning voice advice.

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7 Responses to What to do about your morning voice

  1. I like to warm up after I’m awake a little while by humming verse-by-verse through hymns. I’ll typically pick one with five or more verses, then start in a low pitch. I hum through each verse, then raise my pitch one interval and sing that same verse, raising the pitch another interval for humming the next verse, and so on, until I’ve gone through the entire hymn. I can reallly feel in my neck and throat by the end that I’ve had a genuine workout! The humming also helps loosen the phlegm so I can get rid of it.

    Have a great day!

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