Your home studio headaches are over

Your home studio headaches are over

I have a friend with a great voice. He’s well trained, has a great demo, a professional microphone and is ready to launch his voice over career.

With one slight problem…

He’s terrified of recording himself from home.


He’s frozen like a deer in headlights and his career has come to a complete standstill, all because the thought of recording himself from home feels completely overwhelming.

Frankly, it’s a crying shame to see so much talent going to waste.

Does the thought of setting up a home studio make you nervous? If so, I completely understand.

But I assure you it’s going to be okay because you’ve come to the right place.

We have a step-by-step method of teaching beginners how to master their home studio. Even if you have basic computer skills, you can do this.

Take a look at this short video I just made for you about “Home Studios: the second pillar of voice over success”:

When you invest in yourself and start your voice over career off right with a proven, step-by-step program, you shave years off the learning curve and avoid a lot of embarrassing newbie mistakes. …so you can enjoy the freedom, fun and flexibility of a work from home voice over career or money hobby faster than you’ve ever thought possible.

Miss #1? You can catch it here too.
(And stay tuned for pillars 3, 4 🙂

And after you watch the video I want to know your thoughts about your home studio. How do you feel about it? Have you bought your gear yet? What did you get?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments box. I want to read about what’s on your mind so I can support you.

To your voice over success,

Susan Berkley,
Founder, The Great Voice Company

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8 Responses to Your home studio headaches are over

  1. Susan,

    Thanks for great advice. I have setup a home studio in one of my closets which is a little tight but functional. The closet still has clothe and I also added large moving blankets with curtain rods to dampen any noise from outside the closet. This setup enables me to record decent quality recordings.

    Here is the equipment that I purchased:

    MXL V63M Condenser Mic
    Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones
    Behringer Xenyx 802 Premium 8-Input 2-Bus Mixer
    Lexicon Alpha Desktop Recording Studio.

    For the actual recording software, I use Audacity which is fairy easy to master.

    I am pleased with the setup, but hope to improve it once I am able to get my V.O. career on the right track

    James King

  2. I am a classically trained actress from the UK who has had the great good fortune to record 30 audiobooks for Tantor Media over the past 30 months (after decades of not using my acting skills). Tantor has always used its own proprietary software, which makes it very easy for its voice talent.

    However, they called me yesterday to say that this software was being eliminated and its narrators would be recording using “punch and roll” techniques used by virtually every other publisher in the industry.

    I’m terrified! I’ve never tried this. Do you have any classes/training that covers this?

    Thanks, Veida

    • Congratulations on your work with Tantor, Veida. They are an audio book leader. Not to worry, Punch and Roll is much easier than it sounds. I don’t have plans to do a class on it in the future but perhaps you would like to book a private session with our audio engineer Christopher so he can help you feel comfortable. Give us a call at 201-541-8595 or email to set that up.

  3. Great video Susan, thank you so much!
    But, I would like to have you cover, what to do, when you do not have that handy closet space? And slow it down just a bit for newbie people! As well, I recently contacted the people over at Sweetwater, about this very situation (in case anyone else is facing this issue! 🙂 ) Hope you will delve into that a bit! And your thoughts on this piece of equipment would be great! Thanks Susan you rock!

    • No closet, Lady M? No worries! There are many work arounds including the moving blanket set up that James King describes above. Its cheap and works great. You can also have someone build you free standing sound baffles lined with sound foam. I’ve also seen sound treatment solutions that hang on the wall. Imagine a three sided panel, about the size of a large bulletin board, lined with sound foam. The two side doors open like wings. Not sound proof (neither is a closet) but in a quiet room you can get a nice, tight sound. Check out any of the on line gear sites for some of these alternatives.

  4. Susan I always enjoy your video’s,articles and newsletter’s.I’ve investested in a few of your program’s and one day hope to attend your Bootcamp.I’ve just finished one of your book’s.All the best Steve Latham

  5. Susan,
    Your videos are great. I have a Blue Yeti mic and it works great.
    I look forward to watching your next video on Voice Overs.

    Sir Norman in Charlotte NC

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